How Will I Get There?

"I want to retire by the age of 55" I have heard that statement or similar ones many times.  I have always asked the following questions when I hear these statements:

  • How will I get get there?
  • What's the required monthly cash flow to maintain a certain lifestyle?
  • Will I be mortgage free by then?
  • If I continue to do the things I am doing now, will I achieve my goals?
  • How does inflation affect what I need to live on in 20-25 years?

Making declarations without proper planning results in disappointment when desired outcome is not achieved.

I am holding in conjunction with Angela Galer-Grist, CFP, BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisor, a lunch and learn event to address the following topics:

  • Building net worth
  • Achieving mortgage freedom earlier
  • Building retirement plan
  • Minimizing bad debt
  • Increasing cash flow
  • Getting tax refund

I personally went through this exercise and found it empowering to set my road map to achieve my goals.

If you are interested in attending the lunch and learn, please free to email me or Angela to register.

It's your future.

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