5 Tips for Building an Infill House

Are you thinking of building an infill house in the City of Toronto?

Here are five things you need to know if you're considering building an infill house in the City of Toronto.

1 Hire an Architect

Hire an architect upfront this can make your life much easier. You can run potential properties or lot upfront by the architect before putting an offer. They'll tell you what you can do on that specific property or lot.

2 Neighborhood Trends

Are there other infill houses built in the area? This will make life easier when you go to the committee of adjustment for approval since there is prior precedents of similar projects.

3 Letters of Support

Door-knocking the neighborhood to let them know your plans and having letters of support will help in getting the project approved at the committee of adjustment.

4 Numbers

Financing infill houses can be tricky. Work with your mortgage broker up front to understand the options available for financing the purchase so whether you're buying the house or the lot as well as the construction financing options available when once you get into the building phase.

5 Infill General Contractors

There are lots of contractors out there who do all types of renovations from you know, bathroom renovations to additions, to underpinning, but finding a general contractor who specializes or has a track record of building infill houses will make things easier as you take on this big project.

If you're looking to build an infill house please feel free to connect and I'm happy to share with you my personal experience.