Canary District - 4 Reasons Why I love Canary District

There are four reasons why I love the Canary District.
Reason Number One - It's a master-planned community. What does that mean? A master-planned community is a well thought out approach to building a neighborhood. It's not one developer coming in, buying a lot, and putting a building, and another developer coming in, buying another lot, putting a building. This is a macro level approach. So they have integrated public space, retail, living, as well as transportation. Very close by is Corktown Common. That is an 18 acre park that has activities, from playgrounds for the kids to play in the summer, as well as in the month of July they hold outdoor movies for people to come and watch. It also connects to the Lower Don River Trail that goes up and down by the Don Valley, and also connects to the waterfront, to the Martin Goodman Trail.

The other thing about the master-planned community is, there's five different phases. So phases one and two were built for the Pan Am Games in 2015. Phase three is under construction. You can see that crane there, so that's phase number three that's under construction. Phase four is that's going in probably next year. And then, phase five is going to be another building some time down the line. It's a step by step approach to building a community that incorporates residential space. There's a lot of good retail around here, so you have bike shops, coffee shops, there's a brewery, and bakery, and a whole bunch of other businesses in the neighborhood.

The other thing that's incorporated into this master-planned community is the wide sidewalks, which you might think something is so simple, but I personally find very important. Here's the reason why. Wide sidewalks create foot traffic. So in the summer, or I should say warmer days, you see a lot of people walking around with their kids, with their dogs, they're sitting out on the patio, they're just enjoying their neighborhood. Having people out and about creates a sense of community, which makes a place more attractive.

Reason Number Two - The second reason why I love the Canary District is transportation. There's the 514 streetcar line. That was put in probably two years ago or so. That's a dedicated streetcar line that goes up Cherry, turns on King, and cuts all the way across Toronto down to Exhibition Place, and it connects through two subway stations. Someone could live here and get to downtown probably in 15 minutes no problem. The other nice part is if you own a car, you just go off Cherry, turn on Dundalk, and you're right on the Don Valley Parkway. On the flip side, you can go down Cherry onto Lake Shore and get onto the Gardener if you need to go that way. It's very accessible from public transportation, as well as highway.

Reason Number Three - The third reason why I love the Canary District is, not the Canary District, but what's around it. If you don't know the beautiful historic Distillery District has a lot of stuff happening throughout the year, and this time of the year it's the Christmas market, which is something beautiful and I highly recommend going to. But, throughout the year there's exhibitions, art, theater, there's a a lot of events. There is also the East Harbour. That's a 60 acre mixed-development plan that's anticipated to bring 55,000 jobs in the future. Jobs are a good thing. You also have East Bayfront, and then there's also a sidewalk lot which is owned by Google that's creating a community there as well.

Reason Number Four - The fourth reason why I love the Canary District is the retail. There is a well thought out approach to integrating retail into here. You'll see some good quality shops, such as the bike shop, the coffee shop, the brewery, there's a bank, there's a running store, and a nice bakery shop. They're bringing good quality retail into the neighborhood, which again, creates foot traffic, creates a sense of community, and people wanting to live here in this specific neighborhood.