How To Beat 2.99% 5 Year Mortgage Rate

Bank of Montreal's 2 week promotion of 2.99% 5 year fixed rate has initiated a flood of emails from lenders lowering their interest rates on various mortgage terms.  Yes, the gloves are off since we are back from the holidays and the real estate market is active again. Can this rate be beat?  The answer is yes if one looks at a longer term.  Here is a scenario I ran for clients today based on a $250,000 mortgage:

Option 1: 10 year fixed 3.89% amortized over 30 years.

Option 2: 2.99% 5 year fixed amortized over 25 years, renew at normal interest environment of 5.75% for 5 years (click here for historical chart).

For both options, the monthly payments are set exactly the same over the 10 year period.  Here is a screen print of the comparison chart:


  • Option 1 home equity after 10 years: $75,706  (10 year fixed results in additional equity)
  • Option 2 home equity after 10 years: $69,576
  • Payment shock with option 2: $310 per month when renewing from 2.99% to 5.75%
  • With inflation hedge mortgage strategy, additional equity would be obtained with option 1

In conclusion,  mortgage rate is important, however looking at the long term picture and minimizing the cost of homeownership is key.

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